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If you are an unmarried man or woman and need an attorney who will fight to establish your legal rights to child support, custody, visitation, or any other matter concerning your child, call the child custody specialists at Troxell Law.

At Troxell Law, we understand how important your child is to you. That is why we provide compassionate and aggressive representation to mothers and fathers who want to establish parentage.

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How a Paternity Action Attorney Can Help

A parent’s legal relationship with their child matters. A paternity action attorney from Troxell Law will help you form that relationship in a way that provides your child with the parental support they need, financial or otherwise, to succeed.

Troxell Law can assist you with any of the following paternity-related services and more:

  • DNA testing;
  • Establishing child support;
  • Establishing child custody and visitation;
  • Challenging a paternity ruling;
  • Preparing paternity forms and documents; and
  • Representing you in paternity hearings or a trial.

Find out how Colorado’s paternity laws directly affect you and your circumstances. Contact a Garfield County paternity action lawyer at Troxell Law.

What is Paternity?

Paternity traditionally referred to establishing the father of a child. However, Colorado is gender-neutral in its parentage laws. Therefore, a birth mother is not necessarily presumed to be the biological mother of a child.

Instead, Colorado presumes paternity where there is a parent:

  • With a biological connection to a child;
  • Married to the mother of a child;
  • Who has signed a child’s birth certificate; or
  • Holds a child out as their own publicly.

Establishing Paternity by Agreement

When parents agree on parentage, they may sign a “Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity” or VAP. This form establishes an alleged parent as the legal parent of a child.

Once a VAP is signed, the alleged parent’s name can be added to a child’s birth certificate. Sixty days after the signing of a VAP, neither parent can revoke or rescind the acknowledgment without court action.

Establishing Paternity Without Agreement

When parents disagree on paternity, court action is necessary. One of the following must petition the county court where the child resides, the alleged or putative father lives, or public benefits are paid on the child’s behalf:

  • The child;
  • A personal representative for the child if a minor;
  • The child’s mother;
  • The putative father;
  • The Colorado Department of Human Resources;
  • A county department of social services; or
  • A legal representative for a person who has the right to go to court to establish paternity but is deceased, incapacitated, or a minor.

A DNA test may be used to aid in establishing paternity. However, it is not always necessary.

As long as there is no prior paternity order, a parent may establish paternity on their child’s behalf. The child’s age is irrelevant.

Why Establish Paternity?

Establishing paternity benefits a child and their parent in several ways. Not only does paternity establish the legal grounds needed for child support and custody and visitation orders, but it also provides a child access to:

  • Social security disability benefits;
  • Military benefits;
  • Family health information; and
  • The right to family inheritance.

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