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Parenting time, how to parent, and the ability to parent are among the most contentious aspects of any family law matter, whether that is a divorce, parentage action, or legal separation. While parents have the best interests of their children in mind, reaching this goal can become an impossibility when parents are unable to agree on how to make it a reality.

If you and your co-parent cannot work together for any reason, call our Glenwood Springs parental coordination attorneys at Troxell Law for help. Our team is committed to helping parents come to amicable agreements for the benefit of their children and minimize any mental and emotional damage to the parties involved.

Troxell Law’s parental coordination attorneys are:

  • Committed to working with parents in crisis resolve differences for their children;
  • Able to find creative solutions to the most complex family law situations; and
  • Determined to reach outcomes that fit the unique needs of families.

Reach out to a family law specialist today to learn more about our family law and parental coordination attorney services. We want to help you and your loved ones move ahead with your best lives.

What is a Parenting Coordinator?

Parenting coordinators play an essential role in the family court system. A parenting coordinator is a neutral third party who aids parents in making crucial decisions concerning their children.

Parental coordinators help parents stay focused on the best interests of their children and sort out the parenting issues in dispute. The goal of meeting with a parental coordinator is to reach an amicable solution agreeable to all parties.

What is a Parenting Coordinator with Decision-Making Authority?

A Parenting Coordinator with Decision-Making Authority or PCDM is appointed by the family court when parties fail to reach a reasonable agreement through other means. However, the parents must consent to the appointment.

A PCDM, unlike a parenting coordinator, has the authority to make decisions in the best interests of the child, and the parents are obligated to comply. Decisions made by the PCDM are legally binding for a minimum of two years.

PCDMs follow guidelines published by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

How Can a Parenting Coordinator or PCDM Help Me?

Every family law and parenting case is unique. An experienced Glenwood Springs parental coordination lawyer can advise you if a parenting coordinator or PCDM is suitable for your case.

Services that a parenting coordinator or PCDM can provide in complex cases include:

  • Neutral, professional, experienced opinions;
  • Negotiation guidelines that allow both parties to speak;
  • Communication techniques and resources that facilitate effective communication;
  • Speedy identification of underlying issues; and
  • Information on co-parenting that benefits the child(ren).

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