Very Skilled

Heidi is very skilled and has a firm grasp of what is important. She handled my 3rd Degree Misdemeanor and fought for a full dismissal. I felt that she genuinely cared about me and understood how to lower my anxiety level. Hiring her was a great decision.

PATRICK - Client

Heidi was amazing, very informative and very timely with correspondence. Heidi is very knowledgeable and we felt very confident with her by our side.

Excellent Representation in Criminal Case

I give my highest recommendation for Heidi. Communication: 5/5 Consultation: 5/5 Experience: 5/5 I have considerable experience in working with attorneys albeit mostly in the family court system. Heidi Troxell consults effectively to the point that I understood what was going on, she explains all outcomes very matter fact, she communicates diligently to the point that I was never left worrying. Lastly, her experience and masterful approach shows in her representation.

Heidi was absolutely amazing

Heidi is an amazing attorney! She stayed on the ball throughout the entire case. I will definitely be going to her for any legal issues and I would definitely recommend her!

High Recommendation

Heidi Troxell did an awesome job for me. My case was a little crazy and took almost a year to resolve, but she was persistent, kept me well informed of everything that was happening, and was always available when I had a question for her. Would highly recommend her as a defense attorney.

SHERRY - Client
Job Well Done

My husband had gotten himself into some fairly serious trouble late 2014, and was looking at a potential 30 year prison sentence. Heidi did such a terrific job that the DA agreed to a 4 year sentence, and so far, with continued good behavior, my husband should be released mid-2016 after serving just under 2 years, reformed and with a job skill that will definitely help him obtain work when he is released, and finally give him the chance to prove that just because he made a bad decision, it doesn’t mean he is a bad person, which he is not. And thanks to Heidi, he was not just tossed in a box and forgotten. Thank you again, Heidi!

KRISTIN - Client
Excellent Lawyer with Very Good Work Ethics

Why would I, a resident of Illinois on my way to Nevada, need a lawyer to represent me in Grand Junction, Colorado? For the simple reason a Grand Junction traffic policeman stopped me for going over the speed limit in a construction zone on a weekend. My proof showed I had not been going over the speed limit but was speeding out of the construction area. Needless to say, that argument would have been pointless and expensive. One guilty plea in over 45 years of driving isn’t acceptable for me, but that’s Colorado for you. Ms. Troxell was recommended to me by a corporate lawyer based in Denver, Colorado. After talking to her about my case I elected to engage her services. At a reasonable hourly fee she managed to get my fine reduced and minimized costs. She kept me apprised of what she was doing for me by maintaining timely contact with me both by email and telephone. She laid out the different ramifications of each choice. In the end I pled guilty for a reduced fine and a reduced points demerit on my driving record. I don’t have plans to drive through Colorado again, so I don’t expect to need a lawyer licensed in Colorado. She isn’t licensed in Illinois, New York, Nevada or California. Sad. I can use her services in these states. Overall, she ranks up there in professionalism. Only my tax lawyer has done better, but not by much. I highly recommend her.

WILLIAM - Client