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Garfield County Child Support Attorney

Parents are obligated to financially support their children in Garfield County and throughout Colorado, regardless of their relationship. Our attorneys who handle family law cases will work diligently to help you navigate the complexities of child support matters.  Many parents support their children as a couple through marriage or cohabiting. Others have support orders due to divorce, legal separation, paternity, adoption, or other family law cases.

Regardless of which side of a child support case you fall on, consult with a Garfield County child support attorney to ensure your financial well-being, as well as your child’s, is protected. At Troxell Law we are:

  • Knowledgeable in all areas of child support laws and calculations;
  • Experienced in child support deviations and add-ons; and
  • Aggressive in cases of self-employment and family-owned businesses.

Call Troxell Law today to schedule a confidential consultation with a Garfield County child support lawyer who can ensure you understand Colorado’s child support laws as they apply to you and your family.

Our Garfield County Child Support Attorneys Can Help

A Garfield County child support attorney from Troxell Law will help you prepare for an upcoming child support order or modification by:

  • Answering your questions;
  • Making sure you have any necessary documentation;
  • Determining your income;
  • Determining your expenses for the calculation;
  • Analyzing your case for modifications;
  • Calculating possible payments before deciding to proceed with a modification; and
  • Clarifying any ambiguous terms in your final documents.

At Troxell Law, we believe being prepared will help your child support matter proceed as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Meet with one of our professionals now and learn more about child support or any other family law matter affecting you and your loved ones.

How is Child Support Determined?

Colorado uses an income shares model to determine child support. With income shares, children receive a share of their parents’ total incomes as if their parents were together.

Income shares use factors like the following to calculate the monthly amount of child support:

  • A combination of the parents’ monthly gross incomes;
  • The number and ages of children involved;
  • Any children not of the marriage;
  • The number of overnight per year with each parent;
  • Child care costs;
  • Health insurance costs;
  • Educational costs; and
  • Income of the children.

Benefits from unconventional sources, like social security disability, can also count towards child support. However, these lead to complications and are best calculated on a case-by-case basis by an experienced child support attorney.

Parents who try to evade or pay less in child support pay quitting or taking lower-paying jobs may have their income “imputed” by the court. This allows the court to calculate child support payments based on that parent’s potential, not actual income.

Can Child Support be Modified?

Child support is modifiable in cases of a significant change in a parent’s circumstances resulting in a change of 10% or more in the support paid.

Qualifying changes may include a paying parent’s:

  • Job loss;
  • Substantial increase in income;
  • Terminal illness; or
  • A change in the child’s medical costs due to an unexpected medical condition; and
  • A change in the number of overnight stays a child spends with the non-custodial
  • parent.

Without a change of at least 10%, the court is unlikely to grant a modification.

Child Support Enforcement

If a parent has a legitimate reason for non-payment of child support, they should notify the other parent and petition the court for a modification of the child support agreement.

Parents who refuse to pay without providing a reason may face consequences from Colorado’s Child Support Services such as:

  • Driver’s license suspension;
  • Passport denial
  • Professional occupational license suspension;
  • Interception of state or federal tax refund;
  • Wage garnishment;
  • Property and motor vehicle liens; and
  • Credit bureau reporting.

A parent may also risk court-ordered sanctions like jail time and fines.

Contact an Experienced Garfield County Child Support Attorney

If you need help with a child support order or modification, seek professional help before attempting any action on your own. An experienced child support attorney from Troxell Law can guide you through Garfield County’s child support process and ensure you and your children receive the legal protection and benefits you deserve.

Contact a Garfield County child support lawyer today to schedule your confidential consultation. We can also discuss any issues surrounding your child support matter like divorce, child custody, alimony, or paternity.